New Whistleblower Law Protects From Retaliation

Guilt Ridden GlassesWhen the 2012 Whistle-Blower Protection Enhancement Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama, it provided a much better safety net for individuals who have a reason to blow the whistle. Since the late 90s, many whistle-blowers have found it difficult to obtain enough legal protection in order to move forward with a case. In fact, the vague definition of the term “disclosure” made it too easy for the accused company to not only continue to get away with their wrongdoing, but to also penalize the employee who tried to come forward.

Whistle-blowers will now be provided with new legal protections, and managers will be severely penalized if they take retaliatory action against any of their employees. However, the new act does recognize that there are fraudulent whistle-blower cases, so it also provides guidelines that will enable a manager to take action against an employee who fails to do their job properly.

This act is a big step forward for whistle-blower rights, and it will help employees hold their employers responsible for defrauding others. Unfortunately, there are too many companies in the U.S. for the government to discover most instances of fraud, so it is important for citizens to be able to take a stand against the fraudulent actions of a business of any size.

Photo Credit: Guilt Ridden Glasses by Evil Erin, on Flickr


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